Authors, Why Spend Thousands?

How Many Books Will I Sell?

How authors can sell Books in Store

The average number of books sold is often said to be a figure like 1-250.

Many authors spend time writing, editing, formatting, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, developing a website, writing sequels, supporting other authors and working a fulltime job while writing part-time…to   sell a few books.

 Set Goals

  •  The first goal is to get regular sales of any kind because regularity will help your sales remain consistent.  If you feel that your writing skills are improving, even if your books aren’t selling, take heart and keep writing.
  • Don’t just focus on the numbers, because, it’s not just the numbers that matter; it’s how many readers benefit from your books that really matters.  Focus on your readers and, naturally, both your books and your marketing will be better with your readers in mind.

It’s Not Easy To Be Discovered

There are millions of books available for sale and there are a number of reasons that tens of thousands of books hardly sell at all:

  • Content is lacking
  • Little or no marketing
  • Ineffective cover
  • Poor editing
  • Author’s writing skill

Don’t Get Discouraged

  •  Research the idea before you write.  See what’s already out there to determine your book’s potential.
  • Don’t rush.  Quality affects long-term sales through word-of-mouth, customer reviews, and branding.
  • Get feedback from your target audience and fellow authors.  Evaluate your plot, portrayal, writing style, formatting and cover etc.
  • Make or buy a cover that will specifically attract your target audience.  If you have a quality book, the cover can be very influential in giving your book maximum selling potential.  Write an great short piece.  A few sentences on your product page are the only thing that will determine if the customer will click to “Look Inside” or not.
  • Since you want to look like a professional author, good editing, good formatting, a professional appearance, a professional author photo and an effective biography are necessary to develop a professional online presence.  Create content that will attract your target audience.  You want to attract people to visit your author platform by searching for relevant keywords through search engines–if the content fits your book, these are people who may enjoy your writing.
  • Spend a lot of time writing and a little time marketing every week.  Marketing will pay off in the long run.

If your book isn’t selling well, there is need for a change!  Seek advice from people with experience.  Exousia has the experience and is just a call, email or click away!  Contact us at

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