Keys To A Best Seller’s Book Cover

Do you judge a book by its cover?  We all have bought at least one book just because the cover caught out attention.  Many times, as we begin to read, we realize that the cover has nothing or little concept of the contents of the book.

Book Cover Design

An author may be the brand behind their novel, but they may not necessarily choose the bookcover that represents them.

Just how important is a book cover?  We use book covers to determine the worth of a book, the kind of story that might be told within, and whether or not we should take it seriously and buy it.  Does the book cover stay true to the story within?   It is so important to market to your ‘targeted audience’ because they will identify with the cover and be more likely to buy.

While it’s important that a writer’s skill is in creating the stories, it is still wise to have some opinion  about the cover’s design.  How much control does an author have when it comes to designing the cover of their story?  Unfortunately, it varies because a publishing house may override the author’s choice.  If not self-publishing, then the author must trust the publisher’s choice, because they are the experts in graphic design or marketing and their main goal is to market and sell the book.  Some publishers discuss/plan with their authors; others are in full control.  Authors who self-publish have complete control over the design of the cover, but, considering that authors are not designers, this can be good or bad .

There are ways to avoid damaging your book’s branding when designing your own cover or negotiating with a publisher by avoiding obvious book cover mistakes.

Don’t Sabotage Yourself by:

Not having any budget for good cover art design

Keep some money set aside- budget for the cover.  Put aside few hundred dollars if you want a professional book cover without having to sign a contract to pay royalties to the artist based on your future sales.  It isn’t only the words that have to speak, the cover is what makes your audience pick up your book and what will stop them from putting it back down.  Don’t underestimate its importance.

Using the wrong image 

Using the wrong imagery for your book could leave your reader feeling misled or confused.  Just because the cover may be similar to a successful bestseller doesn’t mean it’s for you.  Don’t copycat- be original.

3.  Using an image found everywhere

There is a big difference between using a photograph that has been published in a National magazine, using a photograph downloaded many times from a stock image website or using an image less circulated.  A national magazine graphic or  overused stock image is familiar and stale.  Be original!

4.  Poor editing and graphics

Planning on publishing an eBook?  You still need to think of print quality.  Make sure you get the back cover designed as well, even if you only need the front, because you may decide you want it to go to print later.  Make sure your cover looks excellent on a large scale and it will look great in all formats.

5. Will it stand the test of time?

When considering a book cover, do your best to entice your audience by using  interesting designs or themes.

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